ISO 45001 PSH Management System

ISO 45001 OHS Management System


An occupational safety and health (OSH) management systems standard provides an organization with a structured framework that can help foster a safe and healthy work environment, minimize workplace-related injuries and illnesses, meet OSH legal and policy requirements, control OSH risks and continually improve overall organization’s OSH performance. 

Certification enable organization to demonstrate its capability while fulfilling the tasks and responsibility, and in doing so give their customers confidence that they will meet their needs and expectations and consequently build trust.

In today’s business environment, change is a constant feature that must be embraced by every organization. NIOSH Certification is committed in working closely with organizations to ensure on-going enhancement of systems and services for continuous improvement.


ISO 45001 OSH Management Systems


ISO 45001 provides the requirements for Occupational Safety and Health Management System and basis for the development of sustainable and healthy culture in an organization.

Certified to both standards means an organization has established a systematic approach to control and improve its occupational 

safety and health performances. Conformation to the standards ensures organization’s compliance to OSH related legal and other 



By adopting ISO 45001, organization is able to:

  • Improve risk management through clear identification of hazards and mitigation of potential risks through planned monitoring,measurement and control measures

  • Increase employees participation through communication and consultation

  • Establish credibility and demonstrates its commitment to deliver customers’ expectation through rigorous compliance practiceof OSH related requirements and regulations.

  • Improve employees’ morale, performance and productivity by committing to enhance health and safety at the workplace.

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