MS 2530 Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil

MS 2530 Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil


Malaysian Standard for Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO), MS 2530 was developed at the request of the Malaysian oil palm industry which is in need of a fair sustainability certification scheme to enhance market access. It is intended to cover the general  requirements for sustainability criteria which the oil palm industry has to follow. These requirements are applicable to independent smallholders, plantations and organised smallholders, and palm oil mills.

Given that MSPO is a set of Malaysian Standards, MSPO can be used for government-to-government negotiations and trade thus facilitating market access. Equally important is the fact that MSPO can be used to support the branding of Malaysian palm oil.  Subsequently, this will gain Malaysia a larger share of the edible oils and fats markets as Malaysian palm oil can be differentiated from other producing countries.

Malaysia’s efforts on sustainability are a continuous improvement process and the implementation of the MSPO certification scheme is proof of the government’s commitment to sustainability. ( source :


By adopting MS 2530, organization is able to: 

  • Develop a good relationship with local government authority and regulators as well as improve compliance of regulatory requirements 

  • Improve overall efficiency and productivity through the adoption of Best Management practices

  • Reduce the negative impacts of palm oil cultivation on the environment and communities as well as getting premium pricefor CSPO ( Certified Sustainable Palm Oil)

  • Develop a good OSH risk management and control to reduce workplace related injuries and ill health which will boostemployees morale and productivity

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