ISO 9001 Quality Management System

ISO 9001 Quality Management System


ISO 9001 is based on the idea of continual improvement. It is designed to be flexible enough for use by many different types of organization, so does not specify what the objectives relating to “quality” or “meeting customer needs” should be. Instead, it requires organizations to define these objectives themselves and continually improve their processes in order to reach them. Once these targets have been attained, they must be reassessed, in a quest for continual improvement. (source:

Nowadays, organizations have taken the initiatives to set up a certified ISO 9001 quality management system on their own, either 

to fulfil customers’ demands and requirements or to enhance the quality of their product/ services.


By adopting ISO 9001, organization is able to: 

  • Improve its credibility and image as well as customers’ satisfaction

  • Better integrate all the processes that will drive efficiencies towards fewer errors and cost saving measures. 

  • Create a continual improvement that improve the processes and organizational output which will benefit the organization in the long run. 

  • Engage employees to be part of the quality process that identify the areas to be improved, actions to be implemented and monitored.

  • Increase employees’ morale and productivity

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