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NIOSH CERTIFICATION  (hereinafter referred to as NIOSHCert) offers interested companies its services for Management systems in Occupational Health & Safety, Quality, Environment, Food Safety and Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil.

NIOSHCert assesses and certifies the Occupational Health & Safety, Quality, Environment, Food Safety of product manufacturers and service companies management systems and Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil Management Systems for oil palm plantations and mills. The independence, confidentiality and impartiality of the auditors is guaranteed by NIOSHCert. The NIOSHCert  structural and procedural organisation ensures that the criteria stated in ISO 17021-1:2015 and the applicable regulatory programs are fulfilled. The certification organization and process are documented.


The management system certification services of NIOSH CERTIFICATION have been accredited by DEPARTMENT OF STANDARDS MALAYSIA . The list of

accredited scopes for each accreditation is available upon request.























Detail explanation on certification process:


The client requests a quote by filling the NIOSH Certification Application Form and Questionnaire.


Service Agreement includes a Summary Fee and contractual obligations for NIOSH Certification and Client. The Certification cycle is three years barring any issues that may arise.          



Once the client has signed both the Quote and the Application/Contract, NIOSH Certification will begin the Audit Process.


The Stage 1 Audit usually takes place at your premises and aims to establish that your   documentation meets the requirements of the standard. Some of the management processes may also be audited at this point.  

Objectives and purpose of the stage 1 audit are detailed as below:  

To audit the client's management system documentation and some management processes; to evaluate the client's location and site-specific conditions

 and to undertake discussions with the client's personnel to determine the preparedness for the stage 2 audit;

  • to review the client's status and understanding regarding requirements of the standard, in particular with respect to the identification of key performance or significant aspects, processes, objectives and operation of the management system; 

  • to collect necessary information regarding the scope of the management system, processes and any statutory regulations;

  • to review the allocation of resources for stage 2 audit and to agree with the client on the details of the stage 2 audit; 

  • to evaluate if the internal audits and management review are being planned and performed, and that the level of implementation of the management system substantiates that the client is ready for the stage 2 audit; and

  • to verify that all information previously provided is still correct, relevant and any changes required to the number of days for stage 2 must be agreed before the report is completed. 


The purpose of the stage 2 audit is to evaluate the implementation, including effectiveness of the client's management system. The stage 2 audit shall take place at the site(s) of the client. It shall include at least the following:

  • information and evidence of conformity to all requirements of the applicable management system standard; 

  • performance monitoring, measuring, reporting and reviewing against key performance objectives and targets (consistent with the expectations in the applicable management system standard;

  • the client's management system and performance as regards to legal compliance; 

  • operational control of the client's processes; 

  • internal auditing and management review; and

  • management responsibility for the client's policies.


After the Stage 2 Certification Audit has been completed and all nonconformances have been reviewed and approved, NIOSH Certification will send the completed audit package to the Certification Approval Panel for review. A draft of the Certificate will be sent for review. Upon approval and receipt of payment the printed certificate is mailed. Certificate will remain valid for three years barring any issues.


The purpose of the surveillance audit is to verify that the approved relevant management system continues to be implemented; to consider the implications of changes to the system initiated as a result of changes in the organizations operations; and to confirm continued compliance with the certification requirements. Surveillance audit are on site audits, but not necessarily full system audits.


The purpose of the recertification audit is to confirm the continued conformity and effectiveness of the management system as a whole. Including its continued relevance and applicability for the scope of certification. Before the expiration of the certificate, a recertification audit of the company is performed to extend the certification validity for another three years.


Throughout the auditing process an NIOSH Certification auditor may observe areas of the Management system  that do not comply with the standard or with information set in the client's  Manual. NIOSH Certification will present these areas to the client to be corrected.


4.1 Suspension 

The certificate applicable to a specific product, process, service, site or organization may be suspended for a limited period (in most cases the suspension would not exceed 6 months). Examples are listed in the following cases;

  • If the regular surveillance or recertification audit shows non-compliance with the requirements which is of such a nature that immediate withdrawal is not necessary;

  • If a case of improper use of the certificate, e.g. misleading prints or advertising is not solved by suitable retractions or other appropriate remedial measures by the client;

  • If corrective action requests have not been implemented within specified time scales; and

  • If the surveillance or recertification audit is delayed by more than 2 month beyond the due date.

  • If certificate holder failure to meet financial obligations to NIOSHCert.

  • If not allowing the audit to be performed

  • If not allowing the Accreditation Body or Regulatory Authority(ies) access to the premises.

The client shall not refer or make references to NIOSH Certification product, process or service that has been offered under a suspended certificate.

The Certification Manager of NIOSH Certification will confirm an official suspension of the certificate to the client. At the same time the Certification Manager shall indicate under which conditions the suspension shall be removed. At the end of the suspension period, an investigation will be carried out to determine whether the indicated conditions for reinstating the certificate have been fulfilled. On fulfillment of this condition the suspension shall be removed by notifying the client that the Certification has been reinstated. If the conditions are not fulfilled, the certificate shall be withdrawn.

4.2   Withdrawal

Failure to resolve the issues that have resulted in the suspension of Certification in a time specified by NIOSH Certification shall result in withdrawal or reduction of the scope of Certification. A Certification may be withdrawn or the scope of Certification reduced in the following cases:

  • If the audit shows that the non-compliance is of a serious nature;

  • If the surveillance or re-Certification audit is overdue for specified time scales;

  • If inadequate measure are taken by the client in case of suspension; and

  • If any action are taken by the client which would bring the NIOSH Certification scheme into disrepute.


In the above cases NIOSH Certification has the right to withdraw the Certification by informing the client. The client shall have the right to appeal.

Certificates will be cancelled in the following cases:

  • If the client does not wish to continue Certification to the scheme;

  • If the product, process or service is no longer offered; and

  • If the client ceases trading for whatever reason.


NIOSHCert reserves the right to reduce the scope of certification 

  • upon request from the client or

  • as the result of an audit outcome, or

  • as a result of other activities.


The client has the right to appeal against any notification given regarding the suspension, reduction in scope or withdrawal of Certification by NIOSH Certification.

Notification of client’s intention to appeal must be made in writing and must be received by the relevant Certification Manager within fourteen days of receipt of 

The decision of Appeals Panel established under NIOSH Certification Industrial Board shall be final and binding on both the client and NIOSH Certification. Once the Appeal Panel has made a decision regarding an appeal, no counter claim by either party in dispute can be made to amend or change this decision. Decisions on appeals will be made within 4 months of receipt of the appeal.

In instances where the appeal has been successful and the award made or reinstated, reimbursement of costs of appeals will be made to the client

Submission investigation and decisions on appeals shall not result in any discriminatory actions against the appellant.

NIOSH Certification shall make the Withdraw status of the Certification publicly accessible (only if the appeal is unsuccessful or rejected)



Should the client have cause to complain regarding the conduct of NIOSH Certification staff, complaint should be made in writing and addressed to the relevant Certification manager of NIOSH Certification.

Should the complaint be made against the Certification manager, the letter of complaint should be addressed to the chairman of Industrial Board.

Complaint received by NIOSH Certification from any stakeholder regarding the activities of a certified client shall be referred to that client at an appropriate time. The complaint shall be investigated in accordance with the NIOSH Certification complaint handling process. 

The alleged complaint is logged and evaluated to establish its action instigated where necessary. This process shall be subjected to requirements of confidentially. 

NIOSH Certification shall determine, together with the client and subject of the complaint.


NIOSHCert will maintain a list of certified companies, stating the respective scope of application. The list will be available to the public upon request.

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