NIOSH Certification Sdn Bhd


A good industry’s reputation is vital for an organization to survive in an era of globalization, digitization and advanced technology. In the challenging and complex business environment, organizations are susceptible to more risks that could severely impact their operations, resilience and ultimately the brand reputation. Managing risk proactively is now a strategic imperative, and taking an integrated approach to managing risk and compliance has never been more important.


NIOSH Certification do not only helps organizations in taking a more integrated approach to managing risks, we help them in making informed decisions that will protect their business while maintaining and growing their reputation.

We help our clients to stay competitive,

productive, safe and healthy!

Benefits of getting certified with us are:


  • Meet customer requirements – improve product and processes that exceed customers’ expectation

  • Generate new business – certification build credibility and trust, which may invite new prospects

  • Motivate and empower employees – certification is an employers’ commitment to improved processes, working conditions and quality environment.

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